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Our History

Since The Beginning...

The Kappa Delta Rho Iota Beta Chapter is a Social Fraternity and one of the newer chapters of Kappa Delta Rho, originally formed in 1989 and brought to full status in May of 1990. Starting as the Judean People's Front in November of 88, a 16-person initiate pledge class was well on its way to becoming official JPF members by the end of January. On the 29th, the JPF had chosen Kappa Delta Rho as their national fraternity over both Farmhouse and Alpha Chi Rho.


The next day, a discussion on preventing pledges who completed the initial pledge program from crossing, called blackballing, occurred, causing a number of members who disagreed to break off from the JPF, eventually creating Phi Kappa Psi. With only a few members against blackballing left, the initiates were made full members and KΔP was petitioned for full membership. By the end of May, 35 members were pledged by the national and the JPF officially became a provisional chapter of KΔP. After one year, some good reports, and 3 large pledge classes later, the provisional JPF receives its charter from the national, thus becoming the Iota Beta chapter of KΔP.

Our Chapter Today

In 30 years, Iota Beta has grown to over 400 members and has recently received a number of awards, including Outstanding Recruitment from the national fraternity. Other awards, including Outstanding Community Service, Outstanding Alumni Relations, Outstanding Campus Involvement, Outstanding Membership Education, Outstanding Faculty Relations, Outstanding Scholarship, and Overall Outstanding Chapter, were received throughout the years.

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